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Driving Comfort


Driving Comfort

Driving Comfort: Categories

X-Stick Multi Function Flashlight
These powerful flashlights and LED lights will be there when you need them!
Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover
    Misc. Comfort
Handy, helpful items that make your drive--and your-day--a little easier.
Natural Sheepskin Seat Pads
    Sheepskin Products
The luxury of sheepskin can make any drive better
CommuteMate Dash Air Vent Mount
    Cell Phone Accessories
Hands-free car kits and cell phone accessories.
Mustang 50th Anniversary UVS Heat Shield
    Sunshades & Visors
Seasons change, but you'll be comfortable in your car all year long.
Retro Heated Travel Mug
    Drinks On-The-Go
Keep your coffee hot and your bottled drinks cold.
Auto Socket
Travel smarter with these easy-to-use electronic devices.
Lumbar & Seat Cushions
    Lumbar & Seat Cushions
If you travel in comfort, you'll arrive refreshed.
Pillows & Blankets
    Pillows & Blankets
Make your car a cozier place to spend time.

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It doesn’t matter what you’re driving – after enough hours, the most spacious, well-appointed, and inviting car interior can start to feel cramped and uncomfortable. There are things you can do, though, to make that interior more accommodating. The more hours you spend in your car, truck, minivan or SUV, the more important driving comfort becomes!

  • Car Pillows – A soft, medium-sized pillow can make a lot of difference on a long drive. And a pillow from your couch is okay, but we stock car pillows that are designed specifically for automotive use, including neck support pillows and lumbar pillows. If you’ve found yourself without a car pillow, and no way to comfortably put your head against a window or door panel to get some rest, you know too well how awkward it can be.
  • Seat Cushions – Sitting for hours in a car seat isn’t good for you. Even in a seat with good side and thigh bolsters and adjustable lumbar support, sitting motionless can promote blood clots, it’s bad for your spine and tailbone, and it will eventually make you crampy and uncomfortable. We carry a wide variety of seat cushions, for your buttocks, your lumbar area, or your entire back, in various materials and gel or foam to help distribute your body weight and eliminate pressure points.
  • Climate Control – The advent of climate control HVAC systems for cars has given drivers the ability to fine-tune their temperature, but the first twenty or so minutes after startup on a hot day has the car’s climate control struggling to bring the temperature down. You can help make its job a little easier with things like pull-down sunshades for side windows, or Mylar-coated reflective sunshades for your windshield (which also help protect your dash and upholstery from sun damage).
  • Drinks On the Go – Iced coffee from your barista is delicious, but not many people like hot coffee that’s gone lukewarm or cold. Prevent car drink spills while keeping your drink warm! We carry well-designed commuter mugs that plug into your cigarette lighter, keeping your coffee or tea warm for up to 6 hours.