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At Driving Comfort, we provide products to improve the driving experience for all drivers - from commuters and road trippers, to senior drivers and new drivers. Whatever your comfort level is behind the wheel, we believe it can be made that much better thanks to countless advancements in automotive accessories over the years. Our products are thoroughly vetted to ensure our customers have access to innovative, high-quality devices and accessories that add comfort, safety, organization, and peace of mind as they drive. Whether it’s a memory foam seat cushion, a laser parking system, oriental floor mats, or sheepsking seat covers, we have everything you need for a safe, secure, and stylish ride.

Comfort & Safety
Studies have shown that being physically comfortable in the driver’s seat isn’t just a luxury – it’s actually an important safety factor when operating your vehicle. Pain and discomfort can become distractions, taking your attention away from where it needs to be: the road ahead. We have a huge selection of products, like arm rests and seat belt covers, designed with your body’s comfort in mind so you can relax and focus on the drive. We also carry cutting-edge safety devices like flash flares and jump starters to lessen the stress of an unwanted situation and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Lumbar & Seat Cushions
No matter what your age or how long you spend in the car, a seat cushion is a great way to instantly improve your driving comfort. Not only do seat cushions put a layer of luxurious softness between you and your seat, they prevent and soothe back, hip, and leg pain. From Wonder Gel cushions to wedge foam cushions, we carry dozens of seat cushions, each with unique benefits, so you can find the cushion that’s just right for you. We also carry lumbar support cushions and back massagers designed specifically for the health and comfort of your back as you drive.

Parking Aids
Parking in your garage can be a bit of an art; sometimes it’s a downright stressful experience trying to get your car in the precise spot, without bumping into bikes, tools, and other items in your garage. We carry an assortment of parking helpers that leverage innovative technology to take the stress out of parking. Our Laser Parking System, for example, aims a bright red laser beam on your dashboard to tell you when you’ve reached just the right spot, while our let us know if we can be of any help along the way. Safe and happy travels!